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Balti Kings Tamasha production photo

The Book is Out!

After years of work and a roller coaster of will-I-or-won’t-I manage to finish and publish it, my book, Immigration and Contemporary British Theater: Finding a Home on the Stage, was published in April by Peter Lang.

I now have an author page on Amazon, with this book and a poetry anthology that I edited in 2004. It feels a bit like the field of dreams — perhaps the page will invite the ghosts of other books in me to come out and play.

I told myself that once this book came out, I would turn back to the theater blog, so I’m hoping that this post will be the first of other, more DC-theater-centered posts. But for those of you who enjoy a bit of transatlantic perspective, I will post links to the few articles I’ve done on British theater that are available online, in addition to this link to the book.

The book is now available via Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and through the publisher directly — please get your local public or college libraries to order a copy.

THANK YOU, to past and future readers!